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Glossary: V

vallecular canal vallecular canal
The tubular vessels sometimes surrounding the central cavity in some horsetails (Equisetum species).
valvate valvate
An arrangement of the flower in which the petals or sepals meet at their edges without overlapping, as in winter bud scales or petals in bud.
With well-defined vessels (that conduct water and other materials around a plant).
Associated with roots, stems, or leaves, not the flowers or fruits; produced without sexual fertilization.
vein vein
A vessel that conducts nutrients, sugars, and other substances throughout plant tissues; usually associated with leaves.
veinlet veinlet
A small vein.
velum velum
A thin layer of tissue that partially or wholly covers the sporangia in the base of a quillwort (Isoetes) leaf.
venation venation
The pattern of veins as seen on the surface of a leaf.
ventral ventral
Pertaining to or located on the front or inner part of a structure.
vernation vernation
The orientation of leaves or petals in bud.
verrucose verrucose
Poorly developed due to reduction during evolution.
villous villous
With long, soft, bent hairs.
An herbaceous climbing or trailing plant that does not support its own weight; compare to a liana, which is all woody.
viscidium viscidium
The gland to which the pollinia are attached in orchids (plural: viscidia).