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Glossary: N

Exposed, without a covering.
Naturally occurring in an area.
Established so that a species lives wild in a region where it is not indigenous.
nectary nectary
A structure or gland that secretes nectar, the sugar-rich substance that attracts pollinators and other feeders.
needle needle
A shape that is much longer than wide, as in a sewing needle; usually refers to leaves of conifers.
nerve nerve
The raised or channeled portion of epidermis that indicates the path of a vein.
net veins net veins
With lateral veins that branch and reconnect, forming a network of anastomosing vessels.
node node
Point of attachment of a leaf, peduncle, or branch to a stem.
non-arcuate non-arcuate
Not naturally occurring in an area.
notched notched
With a small indentation in an apex, as in the tip of a leaf.
nut nut
A dry, indehiscent fruit with a hard wall, usually containing only one seed and usually subtended by an involucre (as in acorns of the oak family, Fagaceae).
nutlet nutlet
A small nut.