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Native Plant Trust: Go Botany Discover thousands of New England plants

Advanced ID Tools

Full advanced interactive key to all 3,500 New England taxa

  • This key covers all 3,500 species, subspecies, and varieties of native and naturalized plants in New England.
  • It works in the same way as our Simple Key Plant Identifier, asking you to choose the broad group your plant is in, then offering you a series of questions based on the characteristics you are able to observe.
  • Because there are many types of plants in this key, you may take a little longer to identify your plant, but once you do, you can get lots of information on each taxon.
Full Key

Dichotomous key to all 3,500 New England taxa

If you are an experienced botanist, use our Dichotomous Key tool.

  • A dichotomous key presents a set of paired choices that describe various plant characteristics.
  • You choose the one that best matches the plant you are trying to identify. Then you get another pair of choices.
  • As you march down the choices, you gradually narrow down to your plant.
  • The questions are technical and specific, but botanical terms are all defined and illustrated.

The key is based on the Flora Novae Angliae (Haines 2011).

Dichotomous Key