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Recently Answered Questions

  • Question
    I think Carl's "alga" is Riccia fluitans, a thallose liverwort.
    Thank you Javier for the suggestion. (Tuesday, 20 August 2019)
  • Question
    A grass growing out of mud. Last year this spot had standing water year round but this summer it's just mud. (Same place you identified Boehmeria cylindrica for me; I think those are the broad leaves in the background.) In the woods, Lincoln, Massachusetts.
    Dear jfc, I'm sorry but I cannot identify this grass from the images. I can, very likely, identify it is person. Is there a possibility of mailing it to me with a smartweed specimen? (Tuesday, 20 August 2019)
  • Question
    Another presumed Persicaria, growing as a weed out of a flower pot in Massachusetts. It's about 1 meter tall and has more branching of stems than I consider normal.
    Dear jfc, again, this may be Persicaria extremiorientalis. I could not tell for certain without a pressed specimen. Let me know if you are interested in collecting one, I can always provide directions if you are unsure. Best wishes. (Tuesday, 20 August 2019)

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