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Recently Answered Questions

  • Question
    Hello there, I was told that this is a Wild Onion. It was growing in thickets, in Salem Sound, Massachusetts. Can this be determined to be true or not. Might I also ask "why." I would appreciate an ID on the species as well. Thank you so much for your help! SueLB
    Dear SueLB, your plant may be crow garlic (Allium vineale). If you had a measurement of the bulb (its diameter), we could be more certain of its identification. Best wishes. (Thursday, 14 November 2019)
  • Question
    I think this is Allegheny Monkey Flower (Mimulus ringens). Is that correct? Found in wet field Kennebunk Maine 07-29-2019. Thanks
    Dear docj77, yes, that looks very much like that species. To be 100% certain, I would need to see leaves, etc., but the flower is a good match and this species is common in certain wetlands in the state of ME. Best wishes. (Thursday, 14 November 2019)
  • Question
    Do you know what this growth on Poison Ivy is? I've tried Googling Poison Ivy galls and Poison ivy parasitic plants and haven't gotten anything. (Deer Island, Amesbury)
    Chaffeemonell, I have seen an image of this growth on Toxicodendron before, but I don't know who or what causes it. I'm sorry I can't help out in this situation. Good luck finding out (if you do, please let me know). (Wednesday, 13 November 2019)

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