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Glossary: M

maculate maculate
Spotted or splotched.
mamilla mamilla
A nipple-shaped projection.
marcescent marcescent
Withering but persistent and not falling.
margin margin
marginal marginal
Pertaining to the edge of a structure.
megaspore megaspore
In species that produce two kinds of spore (e.g., Isoetes, Selaginella, Azolla, Marsilea), the larger spore that gives rise to the "female", egg-producing gametophyte.
membranaceous membranaceous
Thin, flexible, almost translucent; like a membrane or film.
mericarp mericarp
A single-carpellate section of a schizocarp.
Having a specified number or multiple of parts.
Moist (as in a habitat).
mesifixed mesifixed
Attached at or toward the middle, as in the area where a petiole or hairs meet the leaf blade.
In species that produce two kinds of spore (e.g., Isoetes, Selaginella, Azolla, Marsilea), the smaller spore that gives rise to the "male", sperm-producing gametophyte.
midrib midrib
The main vessel of a leaf, the continuation of the petiole; midvein.
midvein midvein
The biggest vein that runs down the middle of the leaf blade; midrib.
monadelphous monadelphous
With all of the filaments of the stamens joined into a single group.
moniliform moniliform
Like a string of beads.
A group of primitive tracheophytes marked by free-sporing habit, megaphylls, and multiflagellate sperm, in New England usually also marked by leptosporangiate condition; ferns (compare with lycophyte).
Flowering only once before dying.
monochasial cyme monochasial cyme
An inflorescence comprised of one or more repeating units of a pair of flowers: a terminal flower and a single lateral flower that usually overtops the terminal flower.
monochlamydeous monochlamydeous
Perianth comprised of 1 series of parts, as in a single whorl of sepals or petals.
monocot monocot
A flowering plant with embryos that produce only one seed leaf (compare "dicotyledon" or "dicot"); monocotyledon.
A plant that bears some flowers with pollen-bearing organs (stamens) and separate flowers with ovule-bearing organs (carpels).
Having only one form.
mouth mouth
Where a tubular structure such as a flower opens up into lateral lobes.
A slimy or snot-like excretion, rich in heavy starches.
mucro mucro
A short, abrupt projecting tip.
mucronate mucronate
Ending abruptly in a short, stiff point.
muricate muricate
With small, pointed projections.