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See list of 13 genera in this family

Reference: Mitchell (1983).

  • 1a. Perianth zygomorphic, spurred or saccate at the base [Figs. 757,758,759]; plants with 
a watery latex; petals not crumpled in bud; stamens 6 per flower, the filaments diadelphous; leaf blades finely divided into narrow segments [Fig. 757]
    • 2a. The 2 outer petals dissimilar, only 1 of which is spurred; flowers borne laterally on the pedicels [Fig. 757]
      • 3a. Ovary narrow-cylindric; flowers 7–25 (–30) mm long; fruit dehiscent, (14–) 16–45 (–50) mm long, with more than 1 seed, with a persistent style; seed with an aril
        • 4a. Corolla pink to pink-purple with a yellow apex; inflorescence a panicle-like cyme, with minute, pale green bracts 1–2 mm long; capsules erect to ascending, 25–45 (–50) mm long [Fig. 757]
        • 4b. Corolla pale yellow, bright yellow, or purple (rarely white, pink, red, or blue-purple); inflorescence a raceme, with conspicuous, usually foliaceous bracts 3–8 mm long; capsules spreading to drooping, (14–) 16–25 (–30) mm long
      • 3b. Ovary subglobose; flowers 6–9 mm long; fruit indehiscent, 2.5–3 mm long, 1-seeded, with a deciduous style; seed without an aril
    • 2b. The 2 outer petals similar and spurred (but the spurs short in Adlumia) [Figs. 758,759]; flowers borne on pendulous pedicels [Figs. 758,759]
      • 5a. Plants climbing by means of tendril-like, reduced leaflets and their petiolules; corolla connate, except at the very apex, persistent, becoming spongy, enclosing 
the capsule
      • 5b. Plants not climbing; corolla connate only at the base, deciduous
        • 6a. Stems scapose (i.e., without leaves); corolla 10–25 mm long, the inner petals of 
± similar color as the outer petals; stems arising from bulbs or from a scaly rhizome
        • 6b. Stems leafy; corolla 30–50 mm long, the inner petals of different color from the outer petals (except in white-flowered forms); stems arising from a rhizome
  • 1b. Perianth actinomorphic, without a nectary spur [Figs. 760,761]; plants with a milky or colored latex (watery in Eschscholzia); petals often crumpled in bud (therefore, wrinkled on expansion); stamens ca. 16–100 or more per flower, the filaments distinct; leaf blades lobed to 1.5 times divided (finely divided in Eschscholzia)

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