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Group 2: Gymnosperms

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  • 1a. Seeds borne singly, partly concealed by a red, fleshy aril; abaxial surface of the flat leaves bearing pale yellow, longitudinal, stomatal lines
  • 1b. Seeds 1–400, borne in woody or fleshy strobili, lacking a fleshy, red aril [Figs. 43,45,48]; abaxial surface of the flat to tetragonous leaves without yellow lines (though sometimes with white or gray stomatal lines)
    • 2a. Leaves opposite or whorled, imbricate and concealing the branchlet (the branchlet visible in Juniperus communis), persistent on dried specimens; strobili with peltate scales, or with opposite, basifixed scales, or the scales fleshy and coalesced into a berry-like form [Fig. 43]; each scale of a strobilus bearing 1–20 ovules, without free subtending bracts
    • 2b. Leaves alternate, fascicled, or in dense tufts on short shoots, not concealing the branchlet, deciduous from dried specimens; strobili with flat, alternately arranged, 
basifixed scales [Figs. 45,48]; each scale of a strobilus bearing 2 ovules, subtended by 
a free bract

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