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  • 1a. Stems arising from bulbs; inflorescence simple (i.e., the pedicels arising from an unbranched axis); corolla largely white or cream (sometimes portions of the corolla pink or yellow-tinged)
    • 2a. Spurs of the corolla parallel, rounded at the apex [Fig. 758], 0.5–1 mm long; bulblets of the rhizome yellow; apical crest of the inner 2 petals conspicuous and projecting; leaf blades typically blue-green; flowers fragrant
    • 2b. Spurs of the corolla divergent, subacute at the apex [Fig. 759], mostly 2–3 mm long; bulblets of the rhizome white or pink; apical crest of the inner 2 petals inconspicuous; leaf blades typically yellow-green to green; flowers not fragrant
  • 1b. Stems arising from a scaly rhizome; inflorescence compound; corolla largely pink to red-purple (rarely white)
    • 3a. Apex of inner petals conspicuous, usually shortly exserted beyond the outer petals (i.e., the spurred petals); plants not colonial (i.e., new plants formed by seed)
    • 3b. Apex of inner petals visible, but often partly concealed and not exserted beyond the outer petals; plants forming interconnected colonies by rhizome growth

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