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  • 1a. Plants woody, trees up to 35 m tall; peduncle of the inflorescence adnate to a conspicuous, elongate bract [Figs. 722,723]; stamens pentadelphous; fruit a nut-like drupe
  • 1b. Plants herbaceous or shrubs to 6 m tall in Hibiscus syriacus; inflorescence without an adnate bract; stamens monadelphous; fruit a capsule or schizocarp
    • 2a. Gynoecium with 5 wholly connate carpels [Fig. 719]; fruit a capsule; filaments connate, forming a tube, bearing anthers along the sides of the tube [Fig. 719], crowned with 5 teeth at the summit of the filament tube
      • 3a. Epicalyx with 3, ovate, laciniately toothed bractlets; styles short, the stigmas almost sessile on the ovary; petals white; seeds covered with long, white hairs
      • 3b. Epicalyx with (6–) 8–15 linear, entire bractlets; style branches elongate, clearly elevating the stigmas above the ovary; petals yellow, pink, red-pink, blue, light purple, or white (when white usually with a red or purple base); seeds without long hairs
        • 4a. Calyx connate for most of its length, splitting on one side and early deciduous; mature fruit 6–25 cm long, more than 2 times as long as wide
        • 4b. Calyx basally connate for ca. ½ its length, not splitting, persistent in fruit; mature fruit 1–3.5 cm long, less than 2 times as long as wide
    • 2b. Gynoecium with 5–40 basally connate carpels [Figs. 718,721]; fruit a schizocarp, the carpels separating at maturity into indehiscent or dehiscent mericarps; filaments connate, forming a tube, bearing anthers primarily near the apex (along the sides in Lavatera) 
 [Fig. 720], without teeth at summit of filament tube

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