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See list of 3 genera in this family
  • 1a. Styles broad, petaloid, with paired crests at the apex [Fig. 137]; anthers concealed, appressed to abaxial surface of style branches; sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels adnate at the base forming a floral tube that surmounts the ovary (in part)
  • 1b. Styles not petaloid, without crests; anthers visible, not appressed to style branches; 
sepals, petals, stamens and carpels not adnate near base (though Crocus with basally connate tepals)
    • 2a. Plants without aerial stems; fruit borne at or even below the ground level; tepals with an elongate, basally connate portion
    • 2b. Plants with evident, above-ground stems; fruit borne well above ground level; 
tepals distinct or with a very short (i.e., discernable only with close observation) basally connate portion

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