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Older literature sometimes referred to the sepals as “falls” and the petals as “standards”. These are superfluous terms and are abandoned here. Recent phylogenetic analysis showed that Belamcanda is nested within Iris (Wilson 2004). Two specimens have been seen that were determined as Iris prismatica × I. versicolor—9 Jul 1923, Cheever & Knowlton s.n. (NEBC!) was I. versicolor and Sanford 10009 (NEBC!) is doubtfully as determined. Iris orientalis P. Mill. was reported for CT by Graves (1910). The specimen is I. pseudacorusEames 3993a (CONN). Iris laevigata Fisch. ex Fisch. & C.A. Mey. was reported for CT by Harger et al. (1930). There are three specimens, all at CONN, that were the basis for this report. One of these is I. germanica and the other two were taken from cultivated specimens. Reference: Henderson (2002).

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