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Swida is treated conservatively here as including Bothrocaryum (the alternate-leaved species).

  • 1a. Leaves alternate, crowded at the apex of the twig [Fig. 594]; petioles (8–) 20–50 mm long; endocarp pitted at apex; branchlets sometimes yellow with minute red-brown to black dots due to infection of Cryptodioporthe corni
  • 1b. Leaves opposite, ± evenly spaced along the twig; petioles 3–15 (–25) mm long; endocarp not pitted; branchlets without above-mentioned fungal infection
    • 2a. Drupes black or green at maturity; style conspicuously widened in the apical portion; infructescence with red branches and pedicels
    • 2b. Drupes white to blue at maturity; style of uniform diameter throughout (apically widened in S. amomum); infructescence with yellow or gray-brown to brown branches and pedicels (red in S. racemosa)
      • 3a. Pith of branchlets brown; style conspicuously widened in the apical portion 
 [Fig. 595]; sepals 1–2 mm long; drupes blue
      • 3b. Pith white (infrequently light brown in S. racemosa); style of nearly uniform diameter throughout; sepals shorter than 1 mm; drupes white to blue
        • 4a. Winter branchlets gray-brown; inflorescence convex or pyramidal, nearly as tall as wide or taller, with red branches and pedicels when in fruit; leaf blades with 3 or 4 (rarely 5) pairs of lateral veins
        • 4b. Winter branchlets not uniformly gray-brown (see descriptions in couplet 5); inflorescence flat-topped, often wider than tall, with branches yellow or gray-brown to brown; leaf blades with 5–8 pairs of lateral veins
          • 5a. Branchlets red to red-purple; drupe white (rarely light blue); leaf blades lanceolate to ovate; seeds brown, with 7–9 yellow stripes; buds without scales, densely pubescent throughout with red-brown and some white hairs
          • 5b. Branchlets green to yellow-green, often mottled with purple or red; drupe light blue (rarely white); leaf blades ovate to suborbicular; seeds light brown, without stripes; buds covered about of their length by sparsely pubescent scales, only the tips of the densely pubescent leaf primordia visible

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