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  • 1a. Corolla white (rarely tinged with pink), 15–20 (–25) mm long; raceme pendulous; ovary and legume glabrous; upper margin of legume with a narrow wing; branchlets glabrous or sparsely pubescent; trees to 25 m tall
  • 1b. Corolla pink to red-purple, 20–25 mm long; raceme suberect to spreading, sometimes pendulous; ovary and legume hispid; upper margin of legume unwinged; branchlets glandular, the glands sessile or stipitate; shrubs to 5 m tall
    • 2a. Leaves with 7–13 leaflets that become glabrate abaxially at maturity; branchlets bristly glandular [Fig. 649]; bracts not aristate-tipped (note: the bracts are caducous and evident only prior to anthesis); racemes lax and relatively open, with 4–11 flowers
    • 2b. Leaves with 13–25 leaflets that remain permanently appressed-pubescent abaxially (sometimes inconspicuously so); branchlets glandular with sessile or subsessile glands; bracts aristate-tipped; racemes suberect, crowded, with 8–20 flowers

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