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See list of 2 genera in this family
  • 1a. Leaf blades pinnately lobed or pinnately divided [Fig. 670]; stamens 10 per flower but the outer series of filaments sterile and lacking anthers; seeds smooth (though usually pubescent); carpel beaks separating from the style column, dehiscing from apex to base, the free portions of the carpel beaks becoming spirally coiled; carpel beaks pubescent on the adaxial (i.e., inner) surface
  • 1b. Leaf blades palmately lobed or palmately divided; stamens 10 per flower, all fertile (except G. pusillum with 3–5 sterile filaments); seeds reticulate or striate (smooth in 2 species); carpel beaks remaining partially adnate to the style column, dehiscing from base to apex [Fig. 672], the free portions of the carpel beaks merely outwardly curving; carpel beaks glabrous or nearly so on the adaxial surface

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