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The Dennstaedtiaceae, along with the Pteridaceae, comprise leptosporangiate ferns that 
have a false indusium covering the sorus. The two families differ morphologically in rhizome details and presence/absence of epipetiolar buds. The Dennstaedtiaceae have rhizomes pubescent with jointed hairs and have epipetiolar buds. The Pteridaceae have rhizomes with scales 2 or more cells wide and lack epipetiolar buds.

  • 1a. Sori discrete, spherical, borne in circular or slightly bivalvate cups formed by fusion of the true indusium with the false indusium; false indusium merely a reflexed tooth or lobe; leaf blade narrow-oblong to lanceolate or broad-lanceolate, 12–25 (–30) cm wide; nectaries absent; base of petiole with 1 or 2 vascular bundles
  • 1b. Sori in a marginal band not borne in cup-like structures; false indusium formed by a 
± elongate, revolute margin; leaf blade broad-deltate to ovate-deltate, (25–) 40–70 cm wide; nectaries present at base of leaf divisions, these appearing as dark, oval areas in early 
season; base of petiole with 10 or more vascular bundles

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