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  • 1a. Petals retuse at the apex (sometimes merely truncate); flowers with (6–) 10–27 stamens; fruit elevated on a gynophore 0–2 (–6) mm long
  • 1b. Petals entire at the apex; flowers with 6 stamens; fruit elevated on a gynophore 1–80 (–152) mm long
    • 2a. Principal leaves with 5–7 leaflets and a pair of short spines at the base of the petioles; stem viscid-pubescent; petals 20–30 (–45) mm long, all oriented toward one side of the flower; gynophores 45–80 (–152) mm long in fruit
    • 2b. Leaves with 3 leaflets and unarmed petioles; stem glabrous (sparsely villous when young); petals 7–12 mm long, nearly evenly distributed around the flower; gynophores 1–15 (–20) mm long in fruit

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