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  • 1a. Plants without aerial stems, herbaceous; calyx actinomorphic, the basal, tubular portion straight; flowers with 12 stamens
  • 1b. Plants with aerial stems, woody or herbaceous; calyx zygomorphic, the basal, tubular portion nearly straight or strongly bent [Fig. 50]; flowers with 6 stamens
    • 2a. Leaf blades 1–5 cm wide, pinnately veined; inflorescence originating from base of 
stem near ground level; capsule globose, 8–20 mm long
    • 2b. Leaf blades 5–35 cm wide, palmately veined; inflorescence originating from the 
axils of leaves; capsule cylindric to ovoid or ellipsoid (sometimes globose or pyriform in 
 A. clematitis), 20–80 mm long
      • 3a. Plants herbaceous; inflorescence a fascicle of flowers from the axil or, less commonly, a solitary flower; calyx nearly straight, with a single, terminal lobe; annulus absent; capsules 20–50 mm long
      • 3b. Plants lianas (i.e., woody); inflorescence of a solitary, axillary flower; calyx strongly curved, with 3 terminal lobes [Fig. 50]; annulus (i.e., a circular flange at junction of calyx tube and limb) present; capsules 60–80 mm long

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