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Sighting: Diphasiastrum digitatum at 42.300, -72.580

by Bio426student33 on October 24 2014

Location notes: Notch Visitor Center - Trolly Line - Terrestrial (upland, non-aquatic habitat) - Woody plant (tree, shrub, sub-shrub, and liana) - Southern ground-cedar

Comments: Leaves are short and scale-like - Sporophylls are located on spore cones at the tips of the shoots or branches - Plant has an upright stem, with branches, those branches having further branches, and so on (tree-like) - Horizontal stem is on the surface of the ground - Leaves within a node differ in size and shape - Edges of the vegetative leaves have no teeth - Spore leaf length: 1.7–2.6 mm - Leaves are widest above the base, then taper narrowly towards the tip - (lanceolate) Leaves are long and very narrow (linear)