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Sighting: Asclepias syriaca at 42.393, -72.545

by Bio426student33 on October 13 2014

Location notes: Behind Stadium Parking Lot - UMass City: Amherst Zip: 01003 terrestrial (upland, non-aquatic habitat) Common Milkweed

Comments: Leaves are simple (lobed or unlobed but not separated into leaflets) Opposite: there are two leaves per node along the stem Edge of the leaf blade is entire (has no teeth or lobes) Two or more ways to evenly divide the flower (the flower is radially symmetrical) Five petals, sepals, or tepals in the flower Petals or the sepals are fused into a cup or tube Stamen number: 5 Fruit is dry and splits open when ripe (follicle) Fruit length: 80–110 mm