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  • 1a. Petals separate at the base but cohering at the apex, deciduous together; bark exfoliating in longitudinal strands, without lenticels [Fig. 943]; pith brown; seeds usually pyriform
  • 1b. Petals distinct, falling separately; bark close, not exfoliating, with lenticels [Fig. 940]; pith white; seeds ± triangular-obovoid
    • 2a. Nectary disk entirely adnate to the ovary; tendrils terminating in expanded, adhesive disks (without disks in P. vitacea); leaf blades palmately compound (often merely palmately lobed in P. tricuspidata)
    • 2b. Nectary disk free from ovary and appearing as a cup-shaped ring; tendrils not terminating in adhesive disks; leaf blades simple, toothed to lobed

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