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Valerianella have unusual, asymmetrical fruits due to the development of only one locule (of three) of the fruit. Many taxa have been named based solely on differences in fruit morphology. However, Ware (1983) determined that many of these sometimes striking fruit differences are the result of a single gene (i.e., a single species may produce 2 or 3 types of fruits within a given population, each type of fruit specific to a given plant). Therefore, the number of species recognized here is fewer than some previous treatments. Reference: Dyal (1938).

  • 1a. Fertile locule of fruit conspicuously thickened by a corky mass on the abaxial (i.e., back) surface [Fig. 553]; cymules with spatulate outer bractlets and spinulose-ciliate inner bractlets
  • 1b. Fertile locule of fruit lacking a corky mass on the abaxial surface [Fig. 554]; cymules with lanceolate or oblanceolate outer bractlets and usually eciliate inner bractlets (these sometimes with cilia near apex or rarely ciliate throughout)

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