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Reference: Wiegand (1923).

  • 1a. Sepals 9–12 mm long, conspicuously hispid-ciliate, the abaxial surface glabrous or short-pubescent; stem long-pubescent, the longer hairs 1.5–3 mm long; leaf blades 2–6 cm wide
  • 1b. Sepals 10–18 mm long, the margins and abaxial surface pubescent with hairs of uniform length; stem pubescent with hairs up to 1.5 mm long; leaf blades 4–15 cm wide
    • 2a. Leaf blades of the middle nodes broadly connate at base (the lower ones and the upper ones sometimes sessile or petiolate); stem short-pubescent, the eglandular hairs up to 0.5 mm long (a few scattered hairs may range to 1.5 mm); sepals 0.9–2 mm wide (mean=1.4 mm)
    • 2b. Leaf blades not basally connate (sometimes the middle nodes with slightly gamophyllous leaves); stem with longer pubescence, the eglandular hairs 0.5–1.5 mm long; sepals 1.5–2.8 mm wide (mean=2 mm)

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