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  • 1a. Leaf blades once or twice pinnately lobed into ± oblong segments; pedicels 4–8 mm long; calyx conspicuously saccate at the base; plants annual, 10–30 cm tall
  • 1b. Leaf blades merely toothed; pedicels 1–3 mm long; calyx scarcely saccate at the base; plants rhizomatous perennials, (15–) 30–100 cm tall
    • 2a. Corolla green-yellow, 9–10 mm long; verticillasters with 1 or 2 flowers, collectively forming what appears to be a lax, secund raceme; leaf blades truncate to cordate at 
the base
    • 2b. Corolla pink-purple, 11–18 mm long; verticillasters with 3 or more flowers, collectively forming a more crowded, terete raceme; leaf blades cuneate to rounded at the base

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