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Senna marilandica (L.) Link was reported from MA by Isely (1998). However, the manuscript is internally inconsistent—the map noted a collection for MA but the text stated this species only reaches southeastern NY. Senna marilandica was also reported from CT by Pollard (1894), a report that was more recently taken up by Kartesz (1999). However, Pollard’s report of this species in New England was prior to the publication of Senna hebecarpa, a species named in 1937 by Fernald (i.e., Pollard’s report of S. marilandica in New England was based on plants of S. hebecarpa before they were recognized as distinct from S. marilandica). Additionally, S. corymbosa (Lam.) Irwin & Barneby was reported from MA or RI (scale of map does not allow precise reporting) and S. occidentalis (L.) Link was reported from RI by Isely (1998), but specimens are unknown. Given that all the above species and S. obtusifolia were mapped in approximately the same location (southeastern MA/southeastern RI), it appears that some or all of these reports were likely errors in mapping (note that a valid report of S. obtusifolia does exist, see below).

  • 1a. Gland located near base of petiole; leaves with 6–8 (–10) pairs of elliptic to oblanceolate leaflets 2.3–3.5 times as long as wide; inflorescence of 9- to 20-flowered axillary and terminal racemes; fruits 7–10 (–12) cm long
  • 1b. Gland located between or immediately below the lowest pair of leaflets; leaves with 
(2–) 3 pairs of obovate (rarely to elliptic) leaflets 1.3–1.8 times as long as wide; inflorescence 
of solitary or paired axillary flowers, these sometimes clustered near stem apex; fruits 10–20 cm long

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