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Section Racemosae

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  • 1a. Lowermost carpellate spikes spreading or drooping on long peduncles 10–40 mm long; perigynia dark brown to dark red-brown at maturity; achene filling basal ½ of perigynium 
or less
  • 1b. Lowermost carpellate spikes ascending to erect, sessile or on short peduncles less than 10 mm long; perigynia pale green to white-green or pale brown to yellow-brown at maturity; achene nearly filling body of perigynium
    • 2a. Stems aphyllopodic, arising in tufts from long, horizontal rhizomes; perigynia 
gray-green or white-green, papillose; carpellate scales usually equaling or exceeding 
the perigynia; carpellate spikes 10–25 mm long, not forming a dense apical cluster
    • 2b. Stems phyllopodic and cespitose, arising from leafy tufts, without elongate rhizomes; perigynia pale green becoming gold-brown, smooth or inconspicuously papillose; carpellate scales usually shorter than the perigynia; carpellate spikes 5–12 mm long, the upper spikes densely aggregated

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