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Section Ceratocystis

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Carex hostiana DC. was reported to occur in Tewksbury, MA (Crins 2002a). However, the 
extreme disjunction of the plants and occurrence in atypical habitat suggest that the collection is mislabeled. See Fernald (1911) for discussion of this record. Reference: Crins (2002a).

  • 1a. Perigynia 1.8–3.9 (–4.2) mm long, the lower of each spike spreading; perigynium beak straight or bent at an angle of 0–15 (–25) degrees from the perigynium body; ligule of apical leaves obsolete
  • 1b. Perigynia 3.5–6.3 mm long, the lower of each spike reflexed; perigynium beak bent at an angle of 13–72 degrees from the perigynium body [Fig. 75]; ligule of apical leaves well formed
    • 2a. Carpellate scales red-brown, contrasting with color of perigynia; perigynia 4–6.3 mm long, with a moderately to strongly bent, scabrous beak offset (15–) 26–72 degrees from the perigynium body [Fig. 75]
    • 2b. Carpellate scales yellow-green, of similar color as the perigynia; perigynia 3.5–4.8 mm long, with a weakly to moderately bent, smooth beak offset 13–48 degrees from the perigynium body

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