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Yang et al. (2002) have shown that species of Raphanus are derived from an ancestor that originated by hybridization between two different lineages of Brassica—the B. nigra clade and the B. rapa clade. Therefore, species of Raphanus are actually members of the genus Brassica. However, formal combinations under the genus Brassica have not yet been made.

  • 1a. Siliques 3–6 mm thick, of uniform diameter through most of its length except for the beak and prominent constrictions between the seeds [Fig. 524], longitudinally striate, containing 4–12 seeds; petals usually yellow fading to white; taproot slender
  • 1b. Siliques 5–10 mm thick, widest below the middle and tapering toward the beak, not or scarcely constricted between the seeds, smooth or inconspicuously striate, containing 1–3 (–5) seeds; petals usually purple; taproot usually conspicuously thickened

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