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Poaceae Group 6

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  • 1a. Spikelets nearly circular in outline; glumes obovate, cross-wrinkled, the tips crossing 
 (in part)
  • 1b. Spikelets not at all circular in outline; glumes linear to lanceolate, not cross-winkled, the tips separate
    • 2a. Panicle with (2–) 4–6 (–9) digitately arranged branches, lacking an elongate, central axis; plants mat-forming by stolons (and often also rhizomes)
    • 2b. Panicle with (1–) 2–80 branches variously attached to an elongate axis; plants without evident stolons
      • 3a. Lemmas entire or bilobed at the apex, unawned or merely apiculate, exceeded by the paleas [Figs. 272,273]; spikelets with a solitary, bisexual floret; ligules 0.3–3 mm long
      • 3b. Lemmas 3-lobed or 5-lobed at the apex, with 3 awns, exceeding the paleas; spikelets usually with a reduced, sterile floret distal to the bisexual floret; ligules 0.1–0.5 mm long 
 (in part)

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