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  • 1a. Branchlets gray; branches with close bark; leaf blades abaxially softly pubescent on and between the veins; pedicels, hypanthium, and abaxial sepal surfaces softly pubescent (sometimes one or more of these surfaces glabrate) [Fig. 683]
  • 1b. Branchlets brown; branches with exfoliating bark; leaf blades abaxially glabrous or pubescent only on the veins and in the axils of veins; pedicels, hypanthium, and abaxial sepal surface usually glabrous (rarely one or more surface sparsely pubescent)
    • 2a. Inflorescence a raceme with 5–7 flowers [Fig. 683]; flowers 25–35 mm wide; most leaf blades remotely denticulate or remotely dentate (entire blades may also be present)
    • 2b. Inflorescence a solitary flower or cymule with 3 flowers; flowers 35–55 mm wide; most leaf blades entire (remotely denticulate leaf blades may also be present)

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