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Packera plattensis (Nutt.) W.A. Weber & A. Löve, a species primarily of the Midwest, Great Lakes region, and southern states, continues to be reported from New England (Magee and Ahles 1999). However, the plants responsible for this report were carefully examined and found to be P. paupercula (Barkley 1962). References: Barkley (1962), Trock (2006).

  • 1a. Plants with stolons and shallow rhizomes, forming colonies; leaf blades decurrent on petioles for some distance; involucral bracts abruptly tapering to an acuminate apex from above the middle
  • 1b. Plants without stolons, or these short and poorly developed, not forming colonies; leaf blades not or very shortly decurrent on petioles; involucral bracts gradually tapering from base or with parallel margins and gradually tapering from near apex

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