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The labellum is to be measured from its base to the apex of the central tooth when using the relative length measurements for Malaxis bayardii and M. unifolia. Reference: Catling and Magrath (2002).

  • 1a. Labellum entire, acuminate at the apex; pedicels (1–) 2–4.5 mm long; bracts 1.5–2 mm long; inflorescence less crowded and tapering to a slender apex
  • 1b. Labellum with 2 lobes at the apex and with a shorter, central tooth in the sinus between the lobes [Figs. 168,169]; pedicels (3.4–) 5–10 (–13) mm long; bracts 0.2–1.6 mm long; inflorescence somewhat to highly crowded near the apex, often ± round- to flat-topped
    • 2a. Basal auricles of labellum 0.4–1.1 mm long, less than 0.6 times as long as labellum 
 [Fig. 169]; pedicels (3.8–) 5–10 (–13) mm long; lower flowers usually withered or shed 
by anthesis of the upper flowers
    • 2b. Basal auricles of labellum 0.8–1.1 mm long, 0.6 or more times as long as labellum 
 [Fig. 168]; pedicels 3.4–5 (–5.8) mm long; lower flowers still persisting during anthesis 
of the upper flowers

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