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Lactuca floridana (L.) Gaertn. was attributed to New England based on a collection from Eastham, MA ( Collins 1774 NEBC!). The specimen is L. biennis with apically pale pappus bristles (the basal half of the pappus bristles, the portion concealed by the involucral bracts, is light brown; L. floridana would have white pappus bristles). Lactuca saligna L. was reported from MA and ME by Strother (2006d), but specimens are unknown. Reference: Strother (2006d).

  • 1a. Basal leaf blades of commonly cultivated forms ovate to orbicular, 12–25 cm wide; plants rare escapes from cultivation
  • 1b. Basal leaf blades linear to ovate, 0.6–12 cm wide; plants native or introduced, but not generally cultivated
    • 2a. Cypsela apically beakless or with a short, stout beak 0.1–0.5 mm long [Fig. 429], the body compressed but not flat; pappus light brown to light olive-brown; capitula with (15–) 20–30 (–55) flowers; corollas blue to white or infrequently yellow
    • 2b. Cypsela apically with a slender, elongate beak 1–6 mm long [Fig. 430], the body ± flat; pappus ± white; capitula with 6–24 (–27) flowers; corollas yellow (sometimes blue in age 
or drying)

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