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Report of Juniperus communis ×J. virginiana from ME by Angelo and Boufford (1996) was based on specimens of J. virginiana with a high proportion of subulate (i.e., juvenile) leaves. Reference: Adams (1993).

  • 1a. Leaves whorled, not concealing the branchlet, monomorphic; seed cones axillary
  • 1b. Leaves opposite, closely imbricate and concealing the young branchlets, dimorphic—longer, subulate ones (i.e., juvenile) and shorter, scale-like ones (i.e., adult); seed cones 
borne terminally
    • 2a. Plants prostrate shrubs with erect branches, up to 0.3 m high; strobilus with a usually curved stalk, 6–8 (–10) mm long, containing 3–5 seeds; apex of scale-like leaves apiculate
    • 2b. Plants upright shrubs or trees, to 15 m tall (rarely depressed in exposed situations); strobilus with a usually straight stalk, 3–6 (–8) mm long, containing 1 or 2 (–3) seeds; apex of scale-like leaves merely acute or with a very obscure apiculus

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