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Hylotelephium forms a well-supported clade with Orostachys (Gontcharova et al. 2006). Unfortunately, the name Orostachys has priority as a generic epithet. Therefore, all our species of Hylotelephium need to be transferred to Orostachys. Hylotelephium telephioides (Michx.) H. Ohba was reported from CT by Magee and Ahles (1999), but specimens are unknown. Reference: Fu and Ohba (2001).

  • 1a. Leaves tending to be alternate (but subopposite, opposite, and whorled leaves may also be present on a plant) [Fig. 597]; anthers yellow; cymes rounded at the apex
  • 1b. Leaves tending to be opposite (but alternate and whorled leaves may also be present on 
a plant); anthers violet to purple; cymes relatively flat-topped
    • 2a. Flowers with white to green-white petals, 0–10 stamens, and 0–5 carpels; stamens slightly shorter than to ± equaling the petals in length; leaf blades serrate to crenate-serrate
    • 2b. Flowers with pink to purple petals, 10 stamens, and 5 carpels; stamens longer than 
the petals; leaf blades entire to undulate-dentatate (infrequently crenate-serrate)

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