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Hylodesmum is a recent segregate genus of Desmodium (Ohashi and Mill 2000). In addition to the differences in morphology (see key to the genera), this phylogenetically distinct group also differs ecologically from many Desmodium. Species of Hylodesmum are typical of shaded forests, while most species of Desmodium are usually found in open or partially open sites.

  • 1a. Flowering stems leafless, the inflorescence arising from the ground; stipules 2–4 mm long, caducous; pedicels 10–20 mm long; stipe 10–18 mm long; terminal leaflet broad-elliptic to ovate or broad-ovate, mostly 2–6 cm wide
  • 1b. Flowering stems with leaves, the inflorescence arising from leaf axils or the apex of the stem; stipules 9–12 mm long, semipersistent; pedicels 3–8 mm long; stipe 4–12 mm long; terminal leaflet broad-ovate to suborbicular, mostly 6–10 cm wide

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