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  • 1a. Tepals evidently connate for some distance [Fig. 127]; stamens epipetalous
    • 2a. Perianth urceolate to cylindric [Fig. 127]; tepals connate for most of their length; leaf blades 2–8 mm wide; racemes with usually 12–20 flowers, dense [Fig. 127], with sterile flowers near the apex that often show slightly reduced size and somewhat paler color
    • 2b. Perianth open-campanulate; tepals 15–25 mm long, connate for less than their length; leaf blades 10–20 mm wide; racemes with usually 4–10 flowers, open, without apical sterile flowers
  • 1b. Tepals essentially distinct (i.e., connate for less than 1⁄10 their total length) [Fig. 128]; stamens free or inserted near the base of the tepals
    • 3a. Tepals white, each with a green abaxial stripe, 15–30 mm long; stamens dimorphic 
as to length, with flat filaments; leaves mostly 20–60 cm long, with a white adaxial stripe
    • 3b. Tepals blue (rarely white), 12–16 mm long; stamens monomorphic, the filaments not conspicuously flattened; leaves mostly 10–15 cm long, lacking a white stripe

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