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Reference: Sorrie and Weakley (2007).

  • 1a. Leaf blades, bracts, sepals, and pedicels with stipitate glands [Fig. 612]; corolla white, sometimes tinged with pink; plants 2–5 dm tall; fruit stipitate-glandular; leaf blades lustrous on the adaxial surface
  • 1b. Leaf blades, bracts, sepals, and pedicels with resin dots; corolla orange to red or green-yellow; plants 3–20 dm tall; fruit glabrous; leaf blades relatively dull on the adaxial surface
    • 2a. Leaf blades with resin dots on both surfaces; corolla largely orange to red; inflorescence a short, compact, somewhat secund raceme usually not exceeding the leaves; pedicels commonly shorter than 7 mm; berry black, not glaucous
    • 2b. Leaf blades with resin dots on only the abaxial surface; corolla green-yellow; inflorescence a lax, open raceme commonly exceeding the leaves; pedicels 10–25 mm long; berry dark blue, thinly glaucous

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