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Reference: Nesom (2006b).

  • 1a. Stem leaf blades obovate-spatulate, loosely tomentose to glabrate abaxially, weakly bicolored (i.e., adaxial and abaxial surfaces of nearly same color); hairs on adaxial surface of leaf blades slender at base; capitulescence usually interrupted; outer involucral bracts acuminate-apiculate at apex; inner involucral bracts 3–3.5 mm long, not apiculate; receptacles deeply concave
  • 1b. Stem leaf blades usually oblanceolate, closely tomentose abaxially, strongly bicolored; hairs on adaxial surface of leaf blades expanded at base; capitulescence usually continuous; outer involucral bracts acute at apex; inner involucral bracts (3.5–) 4–5 mm long, usually with a minute apiculus; receptacles shallowly concave

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