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Chamaesyce, a distinctive group of usually ± prostrate plants, is here subsumed under the large genus Euphorbia. Though Chamaesyce has been shown to be a monophyletic group, its recognition creates an artificial and paraphyletic Euphorbia (Steinmann and Porter 2002). The phylogeny of Euphorbia is complex on a worldwide scale, and its dismantling into smaller, more homogeneous genera appears to be premature based on the present knowledge. Euphorbia agraria Bieb. was reported from MA by Kartesz (1999), but the report was erroneous. Euphorbia pubentissima Michx. was reported from NH by Pease (1964; as 
E. corollata var. mollis Millsp.), but the collection was misidentified and is E. corollataPease 36700 (NEBC!). Euphorbia serpens Kunth was reported from NH by Magee and Ahles (1999), but the specimen (at NHA, image seen!) is a cultivated plant grown from seeds collected in IL. Also, Euphorbia humistrata Engelm. ex Gray was reported from NH and VT by Magee and Ahles (1999), but specimens are unknown. Reference: Wheeler (1941).

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