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  • 1a. Corolla 7–10 cm long, 5-toothed at the apex [Fig. 909]; calyx 3–5 cm long, evidently angled, the angles sometimes with thin wing-margins; capsule erect, dehiscent by 4 valves; stems and principal branches glabrous or sparsely pubescent
  • 1b. Corolla 16–24 cm long, 5-toothed or 10-toothed at the apex; calyx 5–15 cm long, the connate portion without angles or with obscure angles; capsule ± nodding, irregularly dehiscent; stems and principal branches evidently pubescent
    • 2a. Corolla 16–20 cm long, entirely white, with 5 primary apical teeth alternating with 5 secondary apical teeth for a total of 10 teeth; mature leaf blades subsucculent and densely velvety-pubescent with crisp hairs
    • 2b. Corolla 20–24 cm long, entirely white or white with a pale purple limb, with only 5 apical teeth; mature leaf blades relatively thinner and often subglabrous

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