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  • 1a. Petaliferous flowers with 3 inconspicuous, red petals; petals flat in bud; plants overwintering by a basal rosette of crowded, leafy branches
  • 1b. Petaliferous flowers with 5 conspicuous, yellow petals; petals wrinkled in bud; plants lacking a basal rosette of crowded branches
    • 2a. Leaf blades narrow-oblong to elliptic or elliptic-oblanceolate [Figs. 583,584], 20–30 (–40) mm long, widest near or above the middle, not imbricate; plants erect to ascending (with horizontal branches in 1 species), not forming mats, with stellate pubescence on the stem; style very short, not over 1 mm long; flowers of 2 types—chasmogamous flowers with large, conspicuous petals and cleistogamous flowers with reduced petals or lacking petals altogether
    • 2b. Leaf blades linear-subulate or narrow-ovate to triangular, 1–6 mm long, widest below the middle, densely imbricate; plants diffusely branched, forming low mats and mounds, with simple pubescence on the stem; style ca. 2 mm long; flowers of 1 type—all chasmogamous, with conspicuous petals

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