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  • 1a. Corolla yellow, with orange stripes and purple spots on the adaxial limb, up to 2.5 cm long; leaf blades often 3- to 5-lobed, each lobe terminating in a slender point, usually glabrous on the abaxial surface (varying to pubescent); capsule 5–8 mm thick
  • 1b. Corolla white, with yellow stripes and purple-brown spots on the adaxial limb, 3.7–5 cm long; leaf blades unlobed, pubescent on the abaxial surface; capsule 6–15 mm thick
    • 2a. Limb of corolla (2–) 3–4 cm wide, the adaxial surface densely spotted with purple-brown; capsule 6–10 mm thick, with a thin placenta; seed wings typically acute to acuminate at the apices and terminated by a narrow tuft of hairs, the width of the tuft usually less than ½ the width of the seed wing [Fig. 488]; leaf blades distinctly and 
abruptly acuminate at apex
    • 2b. Limb of corolla 4–6 cm wide, the adaxial surface sparsely spotted with purple-brown; capsule 10–15 mm thick, with a stout, quadrangular placenta; seed wings typically obtuse to rounded or obliquely truncate at the apices, terminated by a broad fringe of hairs, the fringe usually more than ½ the width of the seed wing [Fig. 489]; leaf blades long-acute to short-acuminate at the apex, the acumination (when present) usually more gradual

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