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  • 1a. Plants woody, with stipular spines [Fig. 479]; perianth yellow
  • 1b. Plants herbaceous, without spines; perianth white to pink or green-yellow, green-purple, purple, or purple-brown (rarely yellow)
    • 2a. Perianth 4-merous; leaves pinnately compound with (2–) 9 leaflets that are asymmetrically cordate at the base; inflorescence a raceme or panicle
    • 2b. Perianth 5- to 9-merous [Fig. 480]; leaves palmately lobed or pinnately compound and then with leaflets that are cuneate, rounded, or truncate at the base (sometimes asymmetrically so); inflorescence a solitary flower or cyme
      • 3a. Leaf blades lobed, the basal ones peltate; inflorescence a solitary flower; perianth white or pink; anthers dehiscing by longitudinal slits; ovary maturing as a berry
      • 3b. Leaf blades 2–4 times pinnately compound, basifixed to the petioles; inflorescence a cyme; perianth green-yellow, green-purple, purple, or purple-brown (rarely yellow); anthers dehiscing by uplifting valves; ovary ruptured by the 2 enlarging seeds, the stalked, blue seeds ripening fully exposed

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