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Reference: Keil (2006a).

  • 1a. Capitulescence resembling a raceme [Fig. 377]; capitula sessile or with a short peduncle up to 30 (–90) mm long [Fig. 377]; petioles weakly angled; leaf blades narrow- to broad-ovate, acute at the apex
  • 1b. Capitulescence resembling a corymb; capitula with a peduncle mostly (15–) 25–120 mm long; petioles strongly angled; leaf blades broad-ovate to orbicular-ovate, rounded at the apex
    • 2a. Involucre 15–25 mm wide, the involucral bracts arachnoid-tomentose; corollas minutely glandular-pubescent; petioles, particularly the lower, often hollow
    • 2b. Involucre 25–45 mm wide, the involucral bracts glabrous to thinly arachnoid-pubescent; corollas glabrous; petioles usually solid

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