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See list of 6 genera in this family
  • 1a. Flowers with a corona [Figs. 362,363,366]; carpels connate only by the thickened style-head; pollen coherent in masses; seeds always comose
    • 2a. Plants lianas; corolla lobes densely villous adaxially; corona composed of 5 short, bifid, antepetalous lobes alternating with 5 narrow, thread-like lobes 4–8 mm long
    • 2b. Plants herbs or vines; corolla lobes glabrous or minutely pubescent adaxially; corona either a whorl of 5 tubular- or scoop-shaped hoods or a fleshy, lobed cup
      • 3a. Stems climbing or twining (at least the apical part of the plant); calyx and corolla lobes ascending to spreading [Fig. 366]; corona a fleshy, lobed cup [Fig. 366]
      • 3b. Stems upright, neither climbing nor twining; calyx and corolla lobes reflexed 
 [Figs. 362,363]; corona a whorl of hoods bearing internally near the base a slender, horn-like appendage (the horns absent in A. viridiflora) [Figs. 362,363]
  • 1b. Flowers with only sepals and petals, lacking a corona [Figs. 359,360]; carpels apically connate with a common style and stigma; pollen grains not cohering in masses; seeds with or without a coma

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