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A specimen of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L. was collected from Cumberland County, ME (specimen at GH). It was taken from a plant growing in the cracks of a walkway and is not here considered as evidence of naturalization.
  • 1a. Calyx lobes white or pink to purple adaxially, with small, horn-like, subterminal appendages; leaves opposite, the blades 1–2.5 (–3) ×0.1–0.5 cm, linear to spatulate or 
ovate, and cuneate at the base
  • 1b. Calyx lobes yellow adaxially, without subapical appendages; leaves alternate, the 
blades (0.4–) 1–10 ×2.5–8 cm, ovate-rhombic to triangular, and broad-cuneate to truncate 
at the base

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