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Reference: Lint and Epling (1945).

  • 1a. Leaf blades abaxially whitened by dense, minute, white hairs; calyx minutely pubescent; petioles of middle leaves 10–15 (–20) mm long
  • 1b. Leaf blades green abaxially, the pubescence (when present) not altering the background color of the blade; calyx glabrous; petioles of middle leaves (15–) 20–50 mm long
    • 2a. Calyx lobes 1–1.5 mm long, narrow-ovate; corolla green-yellow; inflorescence 10–15 mm thick; floral bracts broad-ovate and tipped by a short, acuminate point; stems glabrous or minutely pubescent on middle internodes; leaf blades pubescent across the surface abaxially
    • 2b. Calyx lobes 2–2.5 mm long, narrow-triangular; corolla purple; inflorescence 15–20 mm thick; floral bracts round-ovate and tipped by an elongate, caudate-acuminate point; stems with some longer hairs on the middle internodes; leaf blades pubescent mainly on the major veins abaxially

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