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Acalypha ostryifolia Riddell ex J.M. Coulter was once collected about the foundation of a home at the Arnold Arboretum (specimen at A). This is not considered evidence of naturalization.

Reference: Levin (1999).

  • 1a. Leaf blades linear to narrow-oblong; petioles 2–14 mm long, 9–25 (–30)% as long as the leaf blade; carpellate bracts sparsely to densely beset with sessile, red glands, toothed with triangular to ovate teeth 8–28% as long as the bract
  • 1b. Leaf blades broad-lanceolate to ovate; petioles 7–70 mm long, (23–) 33–89% as long as the leaf blade; carpellate bracts lacking sessile, red glands (though usually with stipitate glands), toothed with linear to lanceolate teeth 21–75% as long as the bract
    • 2a. Carpellate bracts with 5–9 lobes, stipitate-glandular, without long, eglandular hairs [Fig. 624]; stems usually without long, eglandular hairs; petioles 34–89% as long as the leaf blades, the petioles of the larger leaves commonly more than ½ as long as the blades
    • 2b. Carpellate bracts with 9–15 lobes, hirsute with long, eglandular hairs, short stipitate glands may also be present; stems usually hirsute with long, eglandular hairs; petioles 23–66% as long as the leaf blades

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