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Family: Colchicaceae

colchicum family

Species in the Colchicaceae are perennial herbs that grow from a corm or a rhizome. The leaves may grow directly from the ground, or alternately along a stem. The leaves have parallel veins running lengthwise along the blade and untoothed (entire) margins. The flowers have both pollen-bearing and ovule-bearing parts, are 3-parted and are arranged singly at the end of a branch or grow directly out of the ground. There are 6 tepals, which may or may not be fused together at the base and are arranged in 2 whorls of 3. There are 6 stamens. There are 1 or 3 styles. The fruit is a capsule that releases its seeds when ripe. Species in this family were formerly considered to be part of the Liliaceae.

This Family’s Genera in New England:

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