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Family: Amaranthaceae — amaranth and goosefoot family

Amaranths and goosefoots in our region are annual or perennial, herbaceous or woody plants with alternate or opposite, simple leaves. Several species have fleshy stems or leaves. The small flowers are wind-pollinated. The flowers may be bisexual or unisexual; in species with unisexual flowers, the pollen-bearing and ovule-bearing flowers may occur on the same plant or on different plants. They have from 1-5 dry, membranous, or sometimes fleshy sepals, which may or may not be fused together, attaching below the ovary (i.e., the ovary is superior). The flowers have 5 or fewer stamens. The fruit is a small, dry, and seed-like (an achene or utricule). This family includes the Chenopodiaceae, which was formerly treated as a distinct group.

This family’s genera in New England

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